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Introduction: Establishing Your Company in RAKEZ Free Zone

RAKEZ, also known as Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, is a fusion of the RAK Free Zone and RAK Investment Authority. Located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, RAKEZ has emerged as a coveted destination for businesses of all sizes, offering a wide array of advantages and opportunities. Discover the advantages of setting up your company in RAKEZ Free Zone. Explore cost-effective options, diverse activities, & seamless setups for your company in RAKEZ Free Zone. Start your venture hassle-free!

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Why Choose RAKEZ Free Zone?

Strategic Location

RAKEZ, situated in Ras Al Khaimah, offers a strategic location that enhances accessibility and connectivity. The zone’s proximity to seaports, airports, and highways facilitates easy movement of goods and people, fostering seamless operations and enabling global trade.


One of the primary attractions of RAKEZ is its cost-effectiveness. The zone provides affordable business setup solutions with minimal capital requirements, making it an attractive option for startups, SMEs, and large corporations alike.

Business Activities

RAKEZ boasts a comprehensive portfolio of over 4,000 business activities, offering unparalleled flexibility to entrepreneurs. Whether it’s in education, e-commerce, manufacturing, or services, the zone caters to a wide spectrum of industries, allowing businesses to find their niche and flourish.

Versatility in Licensing

The zone offers various types of licenses, including commercial, educational, e-commerce, and industrial licenses. This versatility allows businesses to choose the most suitable license type based on their specific needs and operational requirements.

Streamlined Processes

RAKEZ is known for its efficient and streamlined business setup processes. The zone’s commitment to expediting incorporation procedures ensures that entrepreneurs can establish their businesses swiftly, saving time and effort.

Innovative Environment

With dedicated zones for different industries, RAKEZ fosters an innovative environment that encourages growth and fosters creativity. It provides tailored solutions for freelancers, women entrepreneurs, and businesses of varying scales, nurturing a diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

Support and Facilities

Apart from cost-effective solutions, RAKEZ offers an array of support services and facilities. Ready-to-move-in flexi desk options, dedicated office spaces, warehousing facilities, and business centers provide businesses with the infrastructure they need to thrive.

Tax Benefits

Businesses operating within RAKEZ enjoy tax exemptions, including zero corporate and personal income tax. This favorable tax environment contributes significantly to increased profitability and financial stability for companies.

Cost Analysis of Setting Up in RAKEZ

Setting up a company in RAKEZ is an attractive prospect owing to its cost-effective nature. The initial cost for acquiring a company license in RAKEZ is AED 5,699, positioning it as an affordable option for entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

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This starting cost encompasses the essential expenses related to obtaining a business license within RAKEZ. However, it’s essential to delve deeper into the overall cost analysis associated with setting up in RAKEZ to gain a comprehensive understanding. The breakdown of costs typically includes various components that entrepreneurs need to consider:

License Cost Breakdown

  1. Company License: The core expense involves the procurement of the company license, serving as the legal authorization for business operations within the free zone.
  2. Activity-Specific Costs: Depending on the nature of the business activities, there might be additional charges or variations in the license cost.

Operating Expenses

  1. Office Space: Expenses related to office rentals or flexi-desk facilities within the free zone are crucial factors in the overall cost analysis.
  2. Infrastructure and Facilities: Costs associated with availing additional facilities like warehousing, utilities, and business support services.

Miscellaneous Costs

  1. Legal and Administrative Fees: Costs incurred during the legal documentation process, visa applications, and notarization of essential documents.
  2. Consultation Services: Fees associated with seeking professional advice or guidance during the setup process.

Cost Comparison with Other Free Zones

Analyzing the cost structure of RAKEZ in comparison with other free zones within the UAE is beneficial. This comparison helps entrepreneurs assess the overall cost-effectiveness and identify the zone that best aligns with their budget and business objectives.

RAKEZ’s competitive starting cost, coupled with its array of facilities, services, and tax benefits, positions it as an attractive choice for businesses aiming for a cost-efficient setup without compromising on quality or scope.

The transparency in cost structures, coupled with the zone’s flexibility in offering varied license types and activities, enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions tailored to their financial capacities and business aspirations.

Ultimately, while the initial starting cost for a company license in RAKEZ is an appealing factor, considering the holistic cost analysis is crucial for entrepreneurs to make well-informed decisions regarding their business setup in this dynamic free zone.

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RAKEZ Activities and Flexibility

RAKEZ, short for Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, stands out for its extensive array of business activities and remarkable flexibility, making it an attractive hub for diverse industries and entrepreneurial ventures.

Extensive Range of Business Activities

One of the key advantages of RAKEZ is its versatility in permitting a wide spectrum of business activities, offering over 4,000 options. This broad catalogue spans across various sectors, allowing entrepreneurs to find the perfect fit for their ventures. Whether it’s manufacturing, trading, services, education, e-commerce, media, or more specialized niches, RAKEZ caters to a multitude of industries.

Flexibility in Licensing and Operations

1. Multi-License Capability

RAKEZ provides the flexibility of holding multiple business activities under a single license, streamlining operations and reducing administrative hassles. This enables companies to diversify their offerings or expand their scope without the complexity of acquiring separate licenses for each activity.

2. Zone Selection

The zone offers both free zone and non-free zone options, providing businesses the choice to operate within the free zone or in the broader UAE market. This flexibility allows companies to choose the most suitable setup based on their business strategies, expansion plans, and target markets.

3. Various License Types

RAKEZ offers a range of license types including commercial, educational, e-commerce, industrial, media, professional, and more. Each license type accommodates specific business activities, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the most relevant license tailored to their business model.

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Specialized Zones within RAKEZ

RAKEZ is not a one-size-fits-all zone. It houses dedicated zones for industrial, academic, and business activities. This segregation allows for focused and specialized environments, fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within specific industries or sectors.

RAKEZ’s Role in Business Expansion and Innovation

RAKEZ’s robust infrastructure, coupled with its flexibility in activities and licensing, plays a significant role in fostering business growth, innovation, and economic diversification. Its commitment to offering a conducive environment for varied industries attracts local and international investors, stimulating economic activity and contributing to the overall development of Ras Al Khaimah.

RAKEZ Licenses and Documents Required

RAKEZ, the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, offers a variety of licenses catering to different business activities. The process of acquiring these licenses involves specific documentation tailored to meet the legal requirements of business setup within the zone.

Types of Licenses Offered by RAKEZ

1. Commercial License

This license permits companies to engage in trading activities, allowing the import and export of goods, both within the free zone and beyond.

2. Educational License

Designed for institutions focused on providing educational services, this license covers various educational and training activities.

3. E-commerce License

Tailored for businesses operating in the digital realm, this license enables online sales and e-commerce activities.

4. General Trading License

Similar to the commercial license, the general trading license allows for a broader range of trading activities, facilitating wholesale and retail trading.

5. Industrial License

Companies involved in manufacturing, production, and other industrial activities require this license to operate within RAKEZ.

6. Media License

This license caters to businesses engaged in media-related activities such as broadcasting, publishing, advertising, and more.

7. Professional License

Designed for professionals in various fields like consulting, legal, accounting, and engineering, this license allows individuals to practice their professions within the zone.

8. Service License

This license covers a wide spectrum of service-related activities, including consultancy, management, and other professional services.

9. Freelance License

Specifically aimed at freelancers, this license allows individuals to conduct business activities as independent contractors within RAKEZ.

Documents Required for RAKEZ Company Setup

1. Coloured Passport Copy or Emirates ID

For UAE residents, a copy of the passport or Emirates ID is necessary.

2. Visa Copy and Entry Stamp

If the individual is present in the UAE, a visa copy with the entry stamp is required.

3. Original No Objection Certificate for General Manager

For UAE residents, a no-objection certificate is mandatory.

4. Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan outlining the proposed activities and strategies of the business.

5. Shareholders Resolution and Corporate Documents

Documents such as Memorandum and articles of Association, certificates of good standing, and trade licenses are essential for corporate shareholders.


Establishing your company in RAKEZ Free Zone is a strategic move bolstered by an array of advantages. From cost-effectiveness and diverse business activities to streamlined setups and unparalleled flexibility, RAKEZ presents a fertile ground for businesses of all scales. The seamless incorporation process, the vast range of licenses, and the supportive infrastructure make RAKEZ a preferred destination for entrepreneurs worldwide. Embrace the opportunities in RAKEZ Free Zone for a thriving and cost-efficient business journey.

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