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Introduction: Navigating Success with Shams Free Zone

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, strategic choices play a pivotal role in determining the trajectory of a company’s growth. One such critical decision rests in selecting the ideal location for setting up your business. Among the array of options available, Shams Free Zone stands out as a beacon of opportunity, offering a fertile ground for entrepreneurial dreams to flourish. Establish your company in Shams Free Zone with expert guidance. Discover streamlined company setup solutions tailored for success.

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Understanding Shams Free Zone

Overview of Shams Free Zone

Shams Free Zone, also known as Sharjah Media City Free Zone, emerged in 2017 as an essential entrepreneurial hub within Sharjah, one of the UAE’s seven emirates. It stands out for its specialized focus on media, technology, and creative industries. Located in the heart of Sharjah, this free zone sits at a pivotal juncture, strategically positioned between the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Key Features of Shams Free Zone

The free zone’s significance stems from several distinguishing features:

  1. Strategic Position: Shams Free Zone’s proximity to Dubai—just a 15-minute drive from Sharjah International Airport and 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport—positions it as a central nexus for local and international businesses.
  2. Specialized Focus: With a primary emphasis on media, technology, and creative industries, Shams Free Zone caters specifically to these sectors, offering tailored facilities, licenses, and services to support businesses in these domains.
  3. Business Diversity: While centered on media and technology, Shams Free Zone also accommodates a diverse range of over 120 business activities, allowing entrepreneurs to pursue various ventures under one umbrella.

Role in Fostering Business Growth

Shams Free Zone plays a pivotal role in fostering business growth and innovation:

  1. Facilitating Entrepreneurship: By offering a platform focused on media and technology, Shams Free Zone encourages the development of startups, SMEs, and established enterprises within these sectors.
  2. Supporting Innovation: The zone fosters an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, and technological advancements, attracting businesses keen on pioneering solutions in media and tech.
  3. Enhancing Connectivity: Its strategic location and comprehensive facilities enhance connectivity with global markets, fostering international collaborations and trade opportunities.

Significance in the UAE Business Landscape

In the broader context of the UAE’s business landscape, Shams Free Zone represents a specialized niche designed to nurture specific industries. Its role extends beyond merely providing infrastructure; it acts as a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and economic diversification. As one of the fastest-growing free zones in the UAE, Shams Free Zone has emerged as an essential cornerstone in the country’s quest for economic development and global competitiveness.

Advantages of setting up a company in Shams Free Zone

Setting up a company in Shams Free Zone offers a multitude of advantages that contribute to its allure among entrepreneurs. Here are some key advantages:

1. Strategic Location

Shams Free Zone enjoys a prime location in Sharjah, just a stone’s throw away from Dubai. Its proximity to major airports and seaports enhances accessibility and connectivity, opening doors to global markets and facilitating efficient trade practices.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

The cost of setting up a business in Shams Free Zone is notably competitive. From affordable trade licenses to cost-effective office spaces, entrepreneurs can benefit from a financially feasible setup, especially beneficial for startups and SMEs.

3. Diverse Business Activities

The zone offers a comprehensive list of over 120 business activities, catering to a wide spectrum of industries. This diversity allows entrepreneurs to choose activities that align with their business models, fostering growth and innovation.

4. Tax Benefits

One of the most enticing aspects is the exemption from corporate and personal income taxes. This favorable tax structure allows businesses to maximize profits and reinvest resources into expansion and development.

5. Flexibility in Operations

Entrepreneurs enjoy complete ownership of their businesses, with no mandatory requirement for local partners. The zone provides the freedom to repatriate capital and profits, offering a flexible operational environment.

6. Streamlined Setup Procedures

Shams Free Zone boasts a simplified and swift setup process. The online registration system and straightforward procedures expedite the licensing and company formation processes, saving time and effort.

7. Visa Allocation

Businesses in Shams Free Zone can acquire up to 12 visas, facilitating smooth employee recruitment and operational management. This visa allocation ease enhances workforce planning and enables efficient business operations.

8. Modern Infrastructure and Support Services

The zone provides state-of-the-art facilities, including high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and modern office spaces, complemented by comprehensive support services designed to nurture businesses.

9. Global Connectivity

With its strategic location and connectivity, Shams Free Zone opens doors to international markets, fostering global business relationships and expanding horizons for trade and collaboration.

10. Alfazone Support

Partnering with Alfazone offers businesses invaluable assistance throughout the setup and growth phases. Their expertise in company formation, visa processing, and ongoing business support becomes a guiding force for success.

Setting up a company in Shams Free Zone amalgamates these advantages, creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and grow exponentially.

Cost Analysis of Setting Up in Shams Free Zone

Breakdown of Costs

When establishing a company in Shams Free Zone, it’s vital to comprehend the financial considerations. The breakdown of costs associated with obtaining a company license in Shams Free Zone includes:

  1. Company License: Starting from AED 6,499, the company license serves as the foundation. This base cost can vary depending on the chosen business activity and additional services required.
  2. Visa Costs: Beyond the initial license fee, there are visa costs associated with employing staff or establishing residency, varying according to the number of visas needed.
  3. Office Space: While there are flexible office options, renting office space incurs additional expenses, depending on the type and size of the workspace required.
  4. Miscellaneous Fees: These may encompass administrative charges, document processing fees, and any specific services requested during the setup process.

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Cost-effectiveness Compared to Other Free Zones

Shams Free Zone offers a competitive edge in terms of cost-effectiveness compared to other free zones in the UAE:

  1. Affordable Licensing: With a starting cost of AED 6,499, Shams Free Zone provides an economical entry point for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their ventures.
  2. Transparent Fee Structure: The transparent fee structure ensures clarity, enabling businesses to anticipate costs accurately without hidden charges or surprise expenses.
  3. Cost-efficient Flexibility: Shams Free Zone’s flexibility in combining multiple activities under a single license optimizes cost-efficiency, allowing businesses to diversify without incurring additional license fees.

Activities and Flexibility in Shams Free Zone

Extensive List of Business Activities

Shams Free Zone offers an expansive array of permissible business activities across various sectors:

  1. Media and Technology: Activities include broadcasting, publishing, software development, digital marketing, animation, and other creative ventures.
  2. Consultancy Services: Legal, financial, management, and marketing consultancy services are among the extensive options available.
  3. Trading and Commerce: Wholesale, retail, e-commerce, and import-export activities are facilitated within the zone.
  4. Other Services: Real estate, education, hospitality, and health-related services form part of the comprehensive list of permissible activities.

Flexibility in License Combinations

One of the unique advantages of Shams Free Zone is the flexibility it offers in combining multiple activities under a single license. Businesses can diversify their operations without the need for separate licenses for each activity. This adaptability not only streamlines the setup process but also minimizes operational complexities and reduces overall costs. This feature is especially advantageous for companies looking to explore various sectors or engage in multifaceted business models without significant financial outlays on additional licenses.

Shams Free Zone’s cost-effectiveness and operational flexibility make it an appealing destination for entrepreneurs seeking a conducive business environment that balances affordability with versatility and innovation.

Alfazone: Your Trusted Partner for Shams Free Zone Company Setup

Setting up a business in Shams Free Zone demands meticulous planning, adherence to regulations, and a comprehensive understanding of the local business landscape. Alfazone emerges as a dedicated and experienced partner, offering invaluable support throughout the company setup process.


In the competitive landscape of Shams Free Zone, Alfazone stands out as an indispensable ally, offering expertise, guidance, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring a seamless and successful company setup. Their dedication to empowering businesses, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s business environment, makes them the partner of choice for entrepreneurs embarking on their venture in Shams Free Zone.

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