Free Zones in the UAE

Introduction: Free Zones

The United Arab Emirates provides over 40 diverse free zones where foreign investors and expatriates can fully own companies. These zones are known for their excellent infrastructure and specialized services that streamline operations, making it easier for businesses to function efficiently and save significant time and resources. Discover the diverse landscape of Free Zones in the UAE.

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Benefits of Free Zones for Foreign Investors

  1. 100% Foreign Ownership: Investors can retain full ownership of their businesses without the need for local partners.
  2. Repatriation of Capital and Profits: Free Zones allow the repatriation of invested capital and profits outside the country.
  3. Efficient Business Set-up: Streamlined procedures facilitate quick and hassle-free business establishment.
  4. Robust Business Communities: Free Zones boast well-developed business environments fostering growth and collaboration.
  5. Cost-Effective Options: Competitive costs combined with numerous opportunities attract businesses of all scales.
  6. Tax Exemptions: Free Zones offer exemptions from corporate and income taxes, fostering a conducive economic environment.
  7. Customs Duty Exemptions: Businesses enjoy exemptions from customs duties, reducing operational costs.
  8. Independent Regulations: Each Free Zone operates under its regulations, providing autonomy and flexibility.
  9. Global Market Access: Access to regional and global markets is facilitated, enhancing business prospects.
  10. Modern Infrastructure: Free Zones offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, promoting growth and innovation.

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Masdar City Free Zone

Located in Abu Dhabi, it’s a global leader in sustainable technology and clean energy. The zone is dedicated to companies specializing in renewable energy, green technology, and sustainability. It’s a flagship project embodying innovation, renewable energy research, and sustainable living.

Dubai Maritime City

Situated in Dubai, this Free Zone is specifically designed for maritime-related businesses. It’s a comprehensive maritime complex hosting various industries including shipping, maritime services, yacht building, and repair, serving as a strategic hub for the maritime sector.

Sharjah Publishing City:

Specializing in the publishing and printing industry, this Free Zone in Sharjah is tailored to cater to the needs of publishers, authors, distributors, and various segments of the print and digital media industry. It offers state-of-the-art facilities to support the growth of the publishing sector.

Hamriyah Free Zone

Positioned in Sharjah, it’s one of the largest industrial and commercial Free Zones in the region. Known for its petrochemical and maritime industries, it provides comprehensive services for various sectors including oil & gas, steel, construction, and manufacturing.

Dubai Commercity

Dubai Commercity:

This Free Zone, located in Dubai, focuses primarily on e-commerce and trade. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities dedicated to supporting online businesses, fostering the growth of the e-commerce industry in the region.

Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone

Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone:

Situated in Abu Dhabi, it’s an integral part of the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). Focused on logistics, trade, and manufacturing, this Free Zone provides strategic connectivity and access to regional and international markets.

Creative City Free Zone

Located in Fujairah, it’s dedicated to businesses in media, events, consulting, music, entertainment, and creative industries. This Free Zone supports freelancers and companies engaged in creative activities by offering licenses and facilities tailored to their needs.

Ajman Free Zone

Situated in Ajman, it’s a hub for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and light industries. This Free Zone offers cost-effective business setups, focusing on industries such as trading, services, consultancy, and light manufacturing.

Fujairah Free Zone

Located in Fujairah, it’s strategically positioned near the Port of Fujairah, making it ideal for companies involved in shipping, logistics, and trading. It offers a range of business activities across various sectors including maritime, trading, and manufacturing.

Dubai South

Dubai South:

Formerly known as Dubai World Central, this Free Zone is positioned near the Al Maktoum International Airport. It’s a massive integrated urban development focused on various industries including aviation, logistics, real estate, and trade.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai World Trade Centre:

This Free Zone is renowned for its exhibition and convention facilities. It hosts numerous trade shows, conferences, and events, making it a global hub for business networking and commercial activities.

Dubai Design District (D3)

Dubai Design District (D3):

Located in Dubai, it’s a dedicated space for the design community encompassing art, fashion, and luxury sectors. It offers a creative environment, attracting designers, artists, and creative businesses.

Dubai Science Park

Dubai Science Park (DSP) is an integrated community that caters to the needs of the science sector. It provides infrastructure, facilities, and services for various scientific disciplines, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research, and development.

Benefits: DSP offers state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, offices, and collaborative spaces for businesses within the scientific field. It provides an environment conducive to research, innovation, and collaboration among various scientific entities.

International Humanitarian City

International Humanitarian City:

The International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai is a global humanitarian hub that facilitates the storage and distribution of humanitarian aid. It serves as a base for various UN agencies, NGOs, and other humanitarian entities.

Benefits: IHC provides a centralized location for humanitarian aid storage and distribution, enabling efficient response during crises and emergencies. It offers warehousing, logistics, and operational support for humanitarian organizations.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is a leading Free Zone for trading and commodities. It focuses on facilitating trade in various commodities such as gold, diamonds, precious metals, tea, and others.

Benefits: DMCC offers a comprehensive ecosystem for trading businesses, providing infrastructure, networking opportunities, and regulatory support. It allows businesses to trade in a secure and regulated environment.

Dubai Outsource City

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) is dedicated to the outsourcing industry, including business process outsourcing (BPO), IT outsourcing, and back-office operations. It caters to companies offering outsourcing services.

Benefits: DOC provides a specialized environment for outsourcing companies, offering office spaces, infrastructure, and a collaborative ecosystem. It enables companies to streamline their outsourcing operations and benefit from a business-friendly environment.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a technology park that supports the technology sector. It focuses on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of technological ventures.

Benefits: DSO offers an integrated community for technology companies, providing office spaces, research and development facilities, residential areas, and educational institutions. It aims to promote technological innovation and growth.

Sharjah Media City – Shams

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is a Free Zone designed for media and creative businesses. It provides a platform for creative professionals, media companies, and freelancers to operate in the media industry.

Benefits: Shams offers business setup services, licensing solutions, and infrastructure tailored for media entities. It provides a conducive environment for media professionals and fosters creativity and innovation.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) is a leading Free Zone focused on industrial and commercial businesses. It offers a strategic location adjacent to Sharjah International Airport.

Benefits: SAIF Zone provides a range of facilities and services for businesses, including office spaces, warehouses, and land for industrial activities. It offers a business-friendly environment and streamlined processes for company formation.

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone:

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone (ADAFZ) is located at Abu Dhabi International Airport. It focuses on businesses related to aviation, aerospace, logistics, and other related industries.

Benefits: ADAFZ offers specialized facilities and services for aviation-related businesses, including office spaces, hangars, and cargo handling services. It provides a strategic location for companies in the aviation sector.

Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a leading financial hub offering a wide range of financial and professional services. It hosts financial institutions, law firms, and businesses in the finance sector.

Benefits: DIFC provides a robust legal and regulatory framework, world-class infrastructure, and a conducive environment for financial and professional services. It serves as a gateway for businesses to access the regional financial markets.

Abu Dhabi Global Market

 Abu Dhabi Global Market

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is an international financial center located in Abu Dhabi. It offers a broad spectrum of financial services, including banking, asset management, and fintech.

Benefits: ADGM provides a business-friendly environment with a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework. It facilitates access to global financial markets and promotes innovation in financial services.

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is a specialized Free Zone dedicated to technology and IT-related businesses. It hosts companies operating in software development, telecommunications, and digital marketing.

Benefits: DIC offers a supportive ecosystem for technology companies, providing infrastructure, networking opportunities, and a collaborative environment. It aims to drive technological innovation and digital transformation.



twofour54 is a media free zone in Abu Dhabi catering to the media and entertainment industry. It offers facilities, services, and support for content creation, production, and creative ventures.

Benefits: twofour54 provides specialized infrastructure and resources for media professionals and content creators. It aims to nurture creativity

Umm Al-Quwain Free Zone:

Umm Al-Quwain Free Zone:

Umm Al-Quwain Free Zone (UAQFZ) is strategically located, offering easy access to both the Sharjah and Dubai markets. It’s known for its cost-effective setup, providing businesses with a range of facilities and services. UAQFZ is particularly popular among small and medium enterprises due to its simplified business processes and a favorable environment for trade and manufacturing.


Cost-effective business setup.

Accessible location with proximity to key markets.

Diverse business opportunities for SMEs.

Simplified procedures and a supportive business environment.

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone is designed specifically for media-related businesses, including advertising, broadcasting, film, music, and publishing. It provides a comprehensive platform for media entrepreneurs, offering modern infrastructure, advanced technology, and a supportive ecosystem conducive to creative ventures.


Specialized zone for media-related businesses.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

A nurturing environment for creative entrepreneurship.

Easy and efficient setup procedures.

Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is renowned for its focus on sports-related businesses and equestrian activities. It’s situated in the heart of Dubai and is associated with Meydan Group. The zone offers world-class facilities for sports businesses, including equestrian events, sports-related businesses, and training facilities.


Specialization in sports-related businesses.

High-quality facilities and amenities.

Proximity to Meydan Racecourse and other sporting venues.

Supportive environment for sports-related entrepreneurs.

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a specialized zone dedicated to the healthcare and medical industry. It provides an integrated platform for healthcare service providers, medical education, and research facilities. DHCC is a hub for medical tourism, offering state-of-the-art healthcare services and facilities.


Focused on healthcare and medical services.

Integrated platform for healthcare providers.

Advanced medical facilities and research centres.

Opportunities in medical education and training.

Dubai International Academic City

Dubai International Academic City

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is a prominent education Free Zone, housing various universities, colleges, and academic institutions. It offers a diverse range of higher education programs, fostering academic collaboration, and providing a conducive environment for learning.


Hub for higher education institutions.

A diverse range of academic programs.

A collaborative environment for research and education.

International partnerships and exchange programs.

Dubai Production City

Description: Dubai Production City, previously known as the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), is tailored for businesses involved in media production. It hosts companies specializing in printing, publishing, packaging, and media production, offering modern infrastructure and business support.


Focus on media production businesses.

Modern infrastructure for media-related ventures.

Business support services and facilities.

Diverse range of media-related industries.

Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City is a Free Zone designed for the media production industry, catering to film, television, radio, and music production companies. It provides state-of-the-art facilities, sound stages, and a comprehensive ecosystem for the media and entertainment sector.


Dedicated to film, TV, and music production.

Advanced facilities for media companies.

Sound stages and production studios.

Supportive ecosystem for media and entertainment.

Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City is a well-established Free Zone, home to various media and advertising companies. It’s a hub for media organizations, including news agencies, publishing houses, broadcasting, advertising, and marketing firms. The zone offers a vibrant and collaborative environment for media-related businesses.


Hub for media, advertising, and marketing.

Home to major media organizations.

Collaborative environment for media professionals.

Networking and business opportunities in media.



Dubai Airport Freezone Industrial Park (DAFZ Industrial Park) is a zone catering to industrial and manufacturing activities. It offers a strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and a supportive environment for industrial businesses.


Focus on industrial and manufacturing activities.

Strategic location with advanced infrastructure.

Supportive environment for industrial ventures.

Business-friendly policies and procedures.

The Free zone dedicated to the military and security sector in Tawazun Industrial Park

The Free zone dedicated to the military and security sector in Tawazun Industrial Park

Tawazun Industrial Park is a specialized Free Zone dedicated to the military and security sector. It provides a platform for defense and security companies to develop and manufacture high-tech equipment, systems, and technology.


Specialized zone for defense and security companies.

Development and manufacturing of high-tech equipment.

Collaboration opportunities in defense technology.

Advanced facilities and support for defense ventures.

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is the independent regulator of financial services conducted in or from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It ensures the financial services sector operates with transparency, integrity, and efficiency.


Independent regulation of financial services.

Ensures transparency and integrity in financial operations.

Fosters a trusted and well-regulated financial environment.

Promotes growth and stability in the financial sector.

Gold & Diamond Park

Gold & Diamond Park is a specialized Free Zone for the gold and diamond trade. It provides a platform for gold and diamond manufacturers, retailers, and traders, offering state-of-the-art facilities and services.


Specialization in the gold and diamond trade.

Facilities for manufacturing, retail, and trading.

State-of-the-art infrastructure for the jewellery industry.

Business support and services tailored for the industry.

The Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park

The Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park:

Focus: Designed to foster research, technological advancements, and innovation across various industries.

Facilities: Offers cutting-edge infrastructure, research laboratories, and innovation hubs, attracting tech-driven businesses and fostering collaboration.

Benefits: Provides an environment conducive to R&D activities, supporting startups, established tech companies, and academia.



Strategic Location: Located near Dubai International Airport, making it an ideal hub for logistics, aviation, and distribution businesses.

Services: Offers comprehensive logistics services, custom-built warehouses, and advanced infrastructure, facilitating efficient operations.

Connectivity: Strategic proximity to major transportation hubs ensures seamless connectivity to global markets.

Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City:

Purpose: Developed as a dedicated zone for hosting the prestigious World Expo events, facilitating international exhibitions, conferences, and cultural exchanges.

Infrastructure: Features state-of-the-art facilities, including exhibition halls, conference centers, and venues for global events.

Economic Impact: Drives economic growth through business opportunities, tourism, and innovation showcased during the World Expo events.

Dubai Knowledge Park

Dubai Knowledge Park:

Educational Hub: Specialized zone designed for educational institutions, training centers, and human resource development organizations.

Offerings: Provides educational infrastructure, facilities, and support services for academic institutions and training providers.

Industry Integration: Bridges the gap between academia and industry, facilitating knowledge exchange and workforce development.

Sharjah Healthcare City

Sharjah Healthcare City:

Healthcare Hub: Specifically developed for healthcare and medical services, attracting hospitals, clinics, research centers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Tourism: Offers world-class healthcare services, promoting medical tourism and facilitating quality patient care.

Innovation in Healthcare: Focuses on research, innovation, and the development of cutting-edge medical technologies.

Ras AlKhaimah Maritime

Ras AlKhaimah Maritime:

Maritime Industry: Centered on maritime-related industries, including shipping, logistics, maritime services, and shipbuilding.

Strategic Location: Located in Ras Al Khaimah, offering proximity to ports and key shipping routes in the region.

Trade Opportunities: Facilitates trade, logistics, and maritime services, contributing to the economic growth of the region.

Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ)

Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ):

Automotive Industry: Dedicated to the automotive sector, hosting showrooms, service centers, and businesses related to automobiles.

Services: Provides specialized infrastructure and services for vehicle sales, distribution, and aftermarket services.

Strategic Positioning: Located strategically to serve the automotive market in Dubai and the wider region.

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zones (RAKEZ)

Business Ecosystem: Offers a wide range of business solutions, including business setup, licensing, and investment options across various sectors.

Facilities: Provides business-friendly infrastructure, customizable facilities, and cost-effective options for companies of different sizes.

Diverse Sectors: Attracts businesses from industries like manufacturing, trading, services, and technology.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA):

Largest Free Zone: One of the largest and most established Free Zones in the region, renowned for trade, logistics, and manufacturing activities.

Connectivity: Strategically located near Jebel Ali Port, offering seamless access to global markets and a strategic trade hub.

Diverse Industries: Hosts a wide range of industries, including logistics, manufacturing, trading, and service sectors, attracting international businesses.


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