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Why Dubai ?

Delivery service Licenses are increasing rapidly duly to the present scenario of COVID-19.

Giant companies like Talabat and Uber Eats are connecting with many outlets in Dubai to start their own booking and delivery app. This is a key development for anyone who is interested to start a food delivery service in Dubai, UAE.

Wide variety of opportunities for the entrepreneurs that they don’t need to own a restaurant or catering business. Your delivery service could simply collect food from local restaurants and deliver it. Delivery Service License 

Apply to Dubai Mainland License with Alfa Zone and you’ll receive all of your important documentation including your license, within two days.

Dubai Business Setup DED-Department Of Economic Development

Dubai DED (Department Of Economic Development) are the authority to issue license for the start-ups in Dubai to conduct business activities.

Our Amazing Prices For Obtaining Delivery Service License

Delivery Service License Mainland

AED 13,850 / year
  • Delivery Service License
  • Local Sponsor not required
  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • License Vouncher Fees
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Free Website Domain
  • Free Logo Design

Looking for the cheapest Delivery Service license in Dubai, UAE?

Price is a factor for many entrepreneurs looking to set up in the UAE. If you’re looking for the cheapest delivery service license in the UAE then applying directly with Alfa zone is a good option.

Dubai Mainland License, offer delivery service license for AED 13,850, including fees. This is an incredibly affordable option as there are few, if any, additional costs on top of this. 
There are many other benefits to set up in a Dubai Mainland like

  • 100% repatriation of the capital
  • 0% corporate and personal income taxes
  • A mainland can have more than one branch

UAE mainland business owners also have full freedom to repatriate all invested capital and profits.
The two significant mainland business License Structure

— Sole Ownership (100% Ownership)
— LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Starting from




Alfa Zone Businessmen Services works with all government entities. Contact Us

Activities under Delivery License In Dubai

These are the major activities which are high in demand under Delivery License in Dubai

Online stores: Duly to COVID-19 pandemic, online stores are increasing rapidly in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. All these online stores has to associate with courier services for the delivery of their commodity or product and also use their other services like packing, etc. 

Cafes and restaurants: This is also one of the major segment in which people relay on. Customers can select their food and restaurant through mobile application and get an instant discount.  

Courier Rental Services: Courier or parcel delivery services are high in demand among corporates.  MNC’s will also opt for other services from them. e.g. stand in a queue at the tax office, etc.

Boutiques: Many online boutique shops are rising and promoting through social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. To keep a delivery staff for small boutique is not profitable. So, they opt for outsourcing all the delivery activities with local courier company.  

Steps to Get Delivery Service License in UAE

Step 1

Decide legal structure of your business whether you want to setup in Free Zone or Dubai Mainland 

Step 2

Registration of name for your Delivery Service License.

Step 3

Find a trusted service agent or local Partner

Step 4

Fill the Application Form for a business license and get initial approval from Govt Authorities.

Step 5

 Prepare for the MOA and Court Notarization.

Step 6

Get your DED Payment Voucher

Step 7

Receive Delivery Service License after approved.

Step 8

Getting an establishment card and apply for visa

Step 9

Assist you in opening Bank Account & Payment Gateway for receiving payments online

FAQ's for delivery service license in dubai

Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery Service Company Formation

Cost Of Delivery Service License in Mainland  = AED 13,850

Cost Of Delivery Service License in Free Zone  = AED 8050

Delivery Service License can be obtained from Mainland or Free Zone. The cost of License is different in both these locations.

Note: Price will vary according to visa quote required by the entrepreneurs.


1. Prepare the Documentation

Documentation for business license in Dubai, UAE is different according to their geographical location.  We helps in preparation of required documentation for business license in Dubai, UAE

2. Get a Business License

Entrepreneur should decide from where to get the license.

(i)   Mainland Business Setup License
(ii)  Free Zone Business Setup License

3. To start with Visa Processing

After receiving the business license approval we will proceed for visa application and get it approved within 24 hours. 

Major visa services includes

(i)    Tourist visa
(ii)   Investor visa
(iii)  Work visa
(iv)  Family visa
(v)   Business visa
(vi)  Maid visa, and more.

First of all should apply for entry permit, Emirates identity card and resident visa. Once receives residence visa, he can apply for work permit or labour card. All these approvals are done from different government departments where a lot of time and efforts are invested.

Alfa Zone Businessmen Services have a years of expertise in business setup services and visa processing services makes all of your approvals with ease and cost effective. 

4. Open a Bank Account

A Business or Company without corporate bank account is meaningless. To open a corporate bank account, involves 3 steps.

1. Get a business license
2. Have the necessary documents
3. Choose the right bank

To open corporate bank account you need to submit certain documents like

  • Copy of the Emirates ID card
  • Company Trade License
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Lease Agreement
  • Passport copies for shareholders and authorized signatories
  • Company Memorandum & Articles of Association

However, opening a corporate bank account in Dubai / UAE can be hassle-free and quick with Alfa Zone Businessmen Services. Help our clients to choose their bank account opening accordingly to their corporate structure or trade license activity. 

  • Online Stores
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Corporates 
  • Boutiques
  • Flower Shops

Mainland or DED License
No, but it is required to have virtual office address in the country to qualify for the license.

Free Zone License
No, it is not required to have a physical address to acquire the license.

It’s usually said that it can be formed within 24 hours, but in reality, it will take anywhere from 1 – 2 days.

Alfa Zone Businessmen Services works with all government entities. 

Bank Assistance with our partnered bank

Dubai Islamic Bank
Mashreq BAnk
Emirates NBD Bank